nani IRO is a brand that incorporates Naomi Ito’s watercolor painting into textile. Since it was launched in Osaka in 2002, the fabrics have been sold in more than 15 countries including Japan.
A poetic gradation and bright coloration that take in the shades of light and water, gradual line, and beautiful composition as a main piece are the features of the label.
Her painterly and innovative approach for textile designs was praised as “art on fabric”, and made this brand a Japanese pioneer of print fabrics featuring an artist. In addition, it was spotlighted that her paintings were printed on double-gauze material.
In the last 15 years, 127 designs with 699 colors were created.
The brand’s name “nani” means beautiful in Hawaiian language and “IRO” is the Japanese word for color and harmony.

Naomi Ito / Textile Designer, Watercolor Artist

Born in Iga City, Japan, Naomi Ito is a textile designer as well as a watercolor artist. She paints to spin a tale or poetry, inspired by elements in nature. Ito started showing her artworks in 1994 in Osaka, Tokyo and Paris. She has produced textile paintings with her label “nani IRO” since 2002. Her works have been used on book covers, in picture books, TV commercials and dramas. Moreover, she has been involved in a wide range of activities including interior décor design, corporate identity design, and hosting workshops on watercolor painting inspired by words. Ito has won numerous awards including Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC) Award, Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) Award, and International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno. She published books written in Japanese along with a sewing pattern book for clothes made of nani IRO fabrics, an art book of her watercolor paintings, and her latest work, “Poetry Textile”, published by Itsura Books.