Color, form, line, rhythm, strength, creativity, presence…..
Pursuing infinite possibilities of textiles with stunning ensemble of colors

echino is the label of fabrics by the textile designer Etsuko Furuya. The echino fabrics with evocative patterns and vibrant colors embody Furuya’s artistic sensibility. With nature-inspired motifs such as animals and plants, the unique echino world is spread over the textile like storytelling. Over the years, Furuya has taken a creative approach to design and produce her hope of bringing joy to everyday living.

echino fabric collections always capture your heart with its distinctive coloration called “echino color” and witty pattern design.

etsuko furuya / Textile Designer

After earning a degree in Dyeing and Weaving Design from Kyoto College of Art (currently known as Kyoto University of Art & Design), Etsuko Furuya joined a design studio and she was primarily engaged in textile design for interior décor. In September 2003, she launched her own brand “echino” and started out as a textile designer with her original prints and textile arts. While energetically producing her fabric collections and products, Furuya works for a broad spectrum of clients in design and product development.